Monday, April 18, 2005

Spanish Words for the Feria de Abril

Probably, the most important celebration in Adalusia. So famous that is also celebrated all over Spain. In the Feria de Abril you can see women dressed with the colourful flamenco dresses or with the black costume and hat typical from Cordoba (one of the regions of Andalusia). People on beautifully ornated horses or horse-drawn carriages, music and dancing everywhere, make of this a party time for all andalusians and visitors to Seville. Here is some useful vocabulary related to the Feria the Abril
Manzanilla - Usually referred to camomile, it is also a white wine typical from Andalusia
Rebujito - drink made with lemonade, manzanilla wine and ice, although sometimes they add some other spirits, like martini, to guarantee the "Feria- effect"
Casetas - The Feria takes place in different "tents" which compete to see which one helds the best "fiesta"
Feria - Fair in its origins, now it is more related to a party held outside.
Sevillanas - Women from Seville but also the most typical dance from Sevilla, almost any Spaniard knows how to dance it, although it is composed of a series of different steps and movements, quite difficult for begginers.

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