Thursday, April 07, 2005

What language should you learn?

Learning a foreign language or improving it is quite appealing to almost anyone.
The more languages you speak the more options and advantages you will have when searching for a job, a career improvement and of course when planning a journey, specially to a foreign country. Anything else? of course, speaking other languages will also help you to communicate with people. Making new friends, meeting other cultures, and even finding your "better half" can be at the reach of your hand.
Now, if you decide to learn a foreign language, ¿what language should you learn? different factors can help you to take your decision. English, Chinese and Spanish are the most spoken languages on the world, but you can also think about your interests and the countries that you would like to visit, for example, or even the people that you would like to meet.
To help you decide here is a test to help you choose which language to learn
Enjoy it!

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Anonymous said...

¡Esos pasteles del Rancho Grande te han dejado huella eh?? Me gusta tu página, aunque no veo la foto del hotel. Laura :-)

Paqui said...

¿¿El Rancho Grande?? No sé de que pasteles hablas. La foto del hotel está en un artículo que se llama vacaciones