Thursday, May 12, 2005

New English Language?

1500 words are enough to make business in English!
Some years ago I heard about Eurospeak, now Globbish is here!
Eurospeak emerged as a variation of English language with special terminology and prases referred to the context of the European Union. Verbs like "market" instead of "import and export" appeared within a new framework of business and free movement of goods in the EU.
Now, the globalisation of English language, has given birth to what sociologues call globbish, (from global and English). 1500 words are enough for dealing with business and daily situations with this simplified English. English language may loose richness but gains effectiveness.
We may consider Globbish as a variety of English, but some say that it is more a tool than a real language. Perhaps Pragmatics are now taking over to Grammar?
Here is an article from the Herald Tribune about this

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elisabetta bertinotti said...

Yes I know what is globbish : Globish