Thursday, May 26, 2005

Spanish food!

Which are your favourite dishes of the Spanish Cuisine?
Gazpacho - Tomato and pepper soup mixed with white bread and water, delicious cold drink to be taken as a starter.
Tortilla de patata - Spanish omelette. Potatoes, onions and eggs are the ingredients for this delicious dish. Taken hot or cold, tortillas are the stars of every tapas bar and picnic days in Spain
Paella – perhaps the better known Spanish dish. Rice is the basis of the dish with includes vegetables, seafood or chicken depending on your preferrences.
Cold meats - Our typical “saussages” such as chorizo, salchichón. Lomo, and of course Jamón (cured ham) the best jamones are the "iberico", "de jabugo" and "pata negra" varieties.
My favourite dish is simply fried eggs and potatoes (fried with olive oil) and a slice of cured ham. Yammmmi.
Karlos Arguiñano is one of the best known cooks in Spain, here you will find his recipes in Spanish
Althoug this is not Spanish cuisine, I love the recipes of this web

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