Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Spanish monarchy is saved!

I can't help but to comment on the latest new released yesterday by the Spanish Royal House (la Casa Real Española), our monarchy is saved! Prince Felipe and his wife are expecting their first son... or daughter, future heir to the Spanish Crown. With a government that proposed to change the Spanish Constitution so that women and men had equal rights to inherit the Crown, the question to whether it would be a boy or a girl is asked once and again to the poor couple. The Prince and "doña Letizia" (as we are told to call her in Spain), got married last year in one of the most popular love stories of the European Monarchies, since Letizia was a journalist who had worked on the news in the public television. She was very talented and makes a beautiful princess doesn't she? It's a pity that she will have to stand so much pressure during her pregnancy as the media and the public opinion will watch her from close.

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