Thursday, October 13, 2005

Translator or interpreter

There is a difference between translating and interpreting!
Guess who's who?

1. The person who works in a booth during a conference and communicates what the speaker is saying to the audience in a language different from that of the speaker.
2. The person who takes notes of a speech and repeats it later to the audience in a different language.
3. The person who sits next to politicians, actors, football players, etc, and repeats what the speaker says in another language

These three examples describe different kinds of interpreting, the people developing these roles are interpreters, number one describes simultaneous interpreting, number two is consecutive interpreting and number three would be an interpreter "de liason".

What we usually call translation actually includes many different branches of work related to language translation. On a first level we can differentiate between translation and interpreting, but also in translation itself we can differentiate several fields of study including such “exotic” matters as proofreading, subtitling, translation of movie scripts, etc.

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