Monday, November 28, 2005

Less Spanish translation in the European Commission?

Rumours about a supposed reduction of translators of Spanish are arising in the European Commission.

The worse is that it appeared to be a consequence of the decreasing number of Spanish citizens with Spanish as mother tongue vs. other official languages of Spain, (such as Catalan or Basque). According to a recent report on languages by the EU, Castilian (Spanish) is the mother tongue for 87% of the Spanish population, vs. Catalan 9%, Euskera 1%, and other 1% of citizens with "other languages" as mother tongue. Surprisingly, also an additional 2% of the population has as mother tongue other European languages.
However, in the EU Treaty, the official language for Spain is Spanish and thus, translation work is to be rendered only in Spanish.

Fortunately, the spokesman for Education, Training, Culture and Multilingualism, Frederic Vincent, has assured that the Commission will not reduce the number of Spanish translators based on the number of Spanish citizens with Spanish as mother tongue.
Instead, what the Commission seems to be considering is a proposal for reducing translation services for all languages depending on their current situation in the CE. The European Commission Translation Service will in fact need to adapt to the new linguistic situation after the latest enlargement to 25 countries, which has increased the number of official languages.

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